Spring Break Trail Rules

I said the words Spring Break to Beautiful Beastie a week ago. And her brain started doing what it does. And it kicked it off with that Jennings Creek madness. On Saturday. And kept working from there. So, she decided to take Tiny Brazilian and I to her favorite place. In the entire world. Hanging … Continue reading Spring Break Trail Rules

Spring Break Kickoff

Just had a 13 minute conversation with one of my neighbors. Without being awkward even once. I mean...it was probably something like 13 minutes. Obviously I don’t know exactly how long the conversation was. I wasn’t...timing it...or anything... So I’m feeling pretty good about my start to Spring Break. I kicked it off with 20 … Continue reading Spring Break Kickoff

Terrapin Mountain 50k

I was so ready. I was so emotionally prepared for this one. I maybe wasn’t physically prepared. But I was fully mentally and emotionally prepared. For Terrapin 50k. I’d read through all the emails. And watched Zealand’s race briefing videos. I’d even reviewed the course. Not, like, reviewed the course. Not, like, a map or … Continue reading Terrapin Mountain 50k

Apartment Thoughts

Day Four of apartment living. What, exactly, does one use to clean a gym floor. I kept thinking that my shoes were wet. Somehow. Because of the squeaking. But then I remembered that I live in a gymnasium. Which honestly feels pretty appropriate for a pandemic. But also, I’m getting my second vaccine today. So … Continue reading Apartment Thoughts

Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Water parks in February. Wouldn’t have been my first choice. But I was in a dark place this weekend. For a few reasons. Mostly just one. One is really all it takes to send me into the darkness these days. I blame hormones. And assholes. So GJB put Christmas Mountain on the schedule. More as … Continue reading Christmas Mountain Waterpark