I’m Not The Matriarch

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. And I don’t know why y’all. Leading up to yesterday. Kept asking me if I was hosting. First of all. I’m not domestic. In any form. I keep trying to tell y’all this. Two weeks ago. I washed the Cross Country uniforms. In the dryer. Chose the settings and everything. Threw in … Continue reading I’m Not The Matriarch

Mountain Biking Introduction

Oh hey! So I brought- “Give me your keys.” And I tried for indignation. That was my gut response. But then images of that time I lost my key at North Mountain. And then that next time I lost my key. At North Mountain. And… No. That’s fair. So, I handed GBFF…WHTBS my car key. … Continue reading Mountain Biking Introduction

Star City Half Marathon

“Whatever you do, just don’t beat Coach.” This was our Track Coaches directives. To my Cross Country runner. I don’t get nervous for races. Ever. Because I put no pressure on myself to perform. Or even finish. I’m out there strictly to have fun. And find the post-race nourishment. And camaraderie. But yesterday morning? I … Continue reading Star City Half Marathon

PFSF Dress Code Violation

So, I’m the reason PlayFITStayFIT may have to implement a dress code. I went to leg day this week. And I was the star student. Like, J-Vicious wasn’t saying I was the best student in class. But he was saying the others were the worst. Which automatically makes me the best. So I was feeling … Continue reading PFSF Dress Code Violation

Unmedicated, But Caffeinated

That is what was left of a Joe Bean’s iced mocha coffee. With whipped cream. And chocolate syrup. After a one hour meeting with DSS. She brought me that coffee as an apology. For “running me ragged” with truancy. Look, I don’t know how much y’all know about the Department of Social Services. But when … Continue reading Unmedicated, But Caffeinated