Results of Strength Training

“I can’t watch all of you. I’ve got Fall Risk and LL to keep an eye on. Good thing Sunshine isn’t here, or we’d have the trifecta.” Trifecta. Trifecta of what, J-Vicious? Trifecta of beauty? Trifecta of Awesomeness? Trifecta of pure athletic talent? We did another virtual group workout Monday night. Rogue and Fall Risk … Continue reading Results of Strength Training

Probably Shouldn’t Call It A Comeback…Yet

I just screamed obscenities. At a soap dispenser. While slamming it on the bathroom counter. Repeatedly. wouldn't stand up... It's possible... *sigh* It maybe is time for me to be medicated. Heavily. But when your body starts surprise hemorrhaging. Definitely not on any kind of predictable schedule. But, say, in the middle of an … Continue reading Probably Shouldn’t Call It A Comeback…Yet

NFM Trail Maintenance

"Your assignment is to make sure K-Rob-D doesn't dynamite the mountain." Ummm, ok...I mean. I don't know if you know my history with this particular mountain... But I promise to...not help her dynamite North Fucking Mountain. I wasn't really even supposed to be helping to clean North Fucking Mountain. I hate that mountain. I don't … Continue reading NFM Trail Maintenance

Squeamish Men & Inadequate Legs

I’ll make them connect. Just read. I told Tommy I was gonna write an entire post about girls pooping. Because he thinks we shouldn’t do that. Actually, I think the specific wording was that we shouldn’t be able to do that. Like, somewhere in our history. Women fought for the right to poop. And won. … Continue reading Squeamish Men & Inadequate Legs

Just Random Rambling

Because I’ve got some stories to tell. That are totally disconnected. But I’mma tell em anyway. Because my blog. So, there’s this little cup of teeny tiny beads on my desk. That Tina Fey put there last week. Because when you put them in water, they’re supposed to grow. And that’s supposed to be fun. … Continue reading Just Random Rambling

The GJBeat Episode 11

She was definitely the first name I mentioned. When the GJBeat conversation started. Because I knew what a phenomenal guest she would be. It feels good to be this right. So, we’ve talked. Occasionally. About creating a YouTube channel for The GJBeat. Which I got super excited about. But then GJB stopped talking about it. … Continue reading The GJBeat Episode 11

Return to PFSF. Kind Of.

So, everything hurts. I haven’t been going to the gym. You may have noticed. My lack of whining and complaining. About J-Vicious. I still whine and complain. About the other stuff. All of the other stuff. And I’m completely incapable of motivating myself through my own made up strength training. I have to be told … Continue reading Return to PFSF. Kind Of.

Diagnosis: Highly Intelligent

*sigh* And so, again. I prove why I should not be allowed out in the world. Without a handler. I was out walking Lobo the other morning. And two cars worth of Marylanders stopped me. To ask for directions. Me (way too excited to be helpful to strangers): I’m sorry for what I’m wearing. I … Continue reading Diagnosis: Highly Intelligent