Fingertip Push Ups…I Can Do Those

So, I talked to the boy today. The one that wasn’t supposed to know that I hadn’t been practicing my rope climb?

Yeah, him.

He lectured me.

My two-weeks overdue so I had to have pitocin during two days of childbirth first born son lectured me.

I listened.

Then, in an effort to impress him and make amends, I decided to show him the fingertip push ups that I can do now.

“Watch this.”

I dropped to the kitchen floor and got one full push up in on my fingertips.

Impressive, right?

“Yeah, mom. But, um, what was up with all that clicking? You sound like a roller coaster making a climb. Down, chk chk chk. Up, chk chk chk. Is that your shoulder making those sounds? What actual part of your body is about to pop out of alignment in this process?”


Ok, but I think what we need to focus on here is that your 42 year old mother of two just did a fingertip push up.

I mean, I can’t do anymore now because of the laughter, but still.

I’m going to be so ready for Spartan…

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