In My Tribe, We Rock Scars With Our Dresses

I went kayaking at the Cove with a few of my tribe ladies Friday.

We spent several hours out on the water. Talking. Venting. Laughing. Sharing. Supporting. Understanding. (One of us may have fallen over into the water for no clear reason.)

See, this is how we repair.

We need this time not only with one another, but with nature.

We need to be out in a world bigger than us, among the trees, among the mountains, even surrounded by the water that I find fully terrifying. (Really, it scares me to death if I think about it too much. So, obviously I have to do it. Because you need to the do things that scare you.)

We know that this is not something that everyone understands. We know that there are people in our lives that don’t get it. That’s ok. Those that we play with get it. Those people are part of our tribe.

Our tribe is there to run with us, float with us, play with us. Our tribe will meet us on the trails so we don’t have to run alone. Our tribe will load three kayaks into their truck so we can spend a day floating around the Cove. Our tribe will pull on gold lame’ and take on teams of kids 20 years younger in a game of tug of war or Bubble Soccer. (Seriously. Bubble Soccer. That is my new jam.)

And then our tribe will wash their cuts and bruises, put on fancy shoes and dresses, and probably even wash their hair, to head out to dinner in celebration of each other.

Because sometimes a girl just needs to rock her scars in a little black dress to be reminded that she is both powerful and beautiful. (And also, scars…because falling over in the water for no clear reason…sometimes I’m not entirely sure how I make it through the day without breaking something.)
Our Fall season of Girls on the Run starts in a few weeks. I’m so excited to help a new group of girls start to discover their own power and beauty and maybe even start to develop their own tribe of strong, supportive girls. 
You can help support Girls on the Run by clicking here and making a donation. 
And if you feel like getting out on the trails or floating around on the water, let me know. Our tribe is always accepting new people. We’d love to have you.

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