Halfway Point

As predicted, May has been a struggle.

It’s only half over.

Yesterday, after I left the office (school), I went home and literally did three jobs simultaneously for three solid hours. I graded, assembled and submitted a Department of Labor report, and watched for student test scores to come in. My living room looked like a NASA control station with all of the computers I had going.

It’s cool, though.

Found this in my freezer.

It wasn’t mine.

It’s not anybody else’s anymore, either.

Then I mowed the lawn.

Which was apparently the worst thing I could have done.

I don’t know if Ciroc makes one more susceptible to pollen, but all I know is there are currently 5,000,000 bees swarming around inside my head and I can’t get the smell of grass out of my nose.

And yes, I showered after I mowed.

No no. It’s a legit question.

So when test scores finally FINALLY came in this morning, and my testing counterpart and I had finished prepping for retakes next week, we snuck out. Like, for real crept past the principal’s office and ran to our cars.

Then I took some allergy meds and passed out for two hours.

The bees are resting now. I can still feel them in there. Snoring. But they’ve stopped swarming my eyes for the time being. Allowing me a moment to reflect on the amazing humans that surround me.

Because May has been crappy. That just is what it is.

And it’s gonna stay crappy until that paycheck hits on May 31st.

BUT there are humans in my life making sure that I know that the awesome outweighs the crappy.

Like Muscular White Gut, aka J Vicious, who reached out knowing I couldn’t afford classes at PlayFITStayFIT this month (I can’t even afford regular bills this month) and told me to show up anyway. As much as he makes me want to gut punch him sometimes, he really is an amazing human that sincerely wants to push people to success. And if you tell him I said nice things about him, maybe he’ll let me use the light weights next leg day…

Which meant that I could show up Tuesday morning and be part of celebrating Tiny Brazilian as she taught her first class after officially passing her certification test. And that was a big deal. Because my people show up to celebrate one another. And I would’ve hated to miss that. (We’re celebrating again tomorrow morning. At 5am. Just throwing that out there…)

And like my testing counterpart that showed up to work one morning last week with all of this for me

Dresses. She bought me actual clothes. And flowers. And food. Because we were looking at having to live at the school for the foreseeable future, and she wanted to make sure I at least had a change of clothes. Because hygiene. We all know I’m not overly concerned with the hygiene. She wanted to control what she could.

And then, when I was chosen Employee of the Month (from a large collection of pity votes, no doubt – because every damn person working in a Virginia high school right now is employee of the damn decade. Including the students whose academic careers depend on those freakin test scores that just didn’t want to show up.), and the shop teacher asked how I wanted my name to appear on my plaque, I said “Beautiful Princess Mother of All Knowledge”

And so he brings me this

Seriously. Best. Plaque. Ever.

And the co-worker who I’ve never really interacted with before who told me I’m an amazing person.

And my poor parents who stood with me as I broke down sobbing last Friday. And didn’t even make fun of me as I choked out the words “But I’m really ok! I really really am!” Because I was. I just have all of this stress and relief and worry and hope and emotion built up inside of me trying to get out. And it’s kind of stuck in there like a sneeze when the asshole beside you sees it coming and blesses you before you can get it out and you’re all like

And my kids that let me party at the frat house with them post-graduation, including the kid who told me that I made their family’s Christmas this year. By signing copies of my book for everyone in their family. Which their mother gave them as Christmas gifts. And he actually read it. A college kid took time to read my book and then thought to thank me for it months after the fact. Those are the kinds of humans my kids choose as friends.

And my other kids that ran two miles in the rain on Sunday to bring me a Mother’s Day gift.

Seriously. I did parenting right, y’all.

And whoever wrote “I ❤️ Sunshine” in the filth of my rear view car window. No idea how long it’s been there. I mean, the filth has been there for a few years, so the author could be dead by now. But I’m sure I ❤️ whoever it was back. Because it was a beautiful way to start my day seeing that in my rear view mirror yesterday morning.

And my Rogue who checked in to make sure I wasn’t running from people again. Because she knows I tend to do that when I’m stressed.

And my Re Re who has checked in a few times this testing season. Because she knows how much it sucks.

And my neighbor who has finally stopped mowing his damn lawn so I can sit out here and do this the rest of the night

Until the bees in my head wake up again.

Fifteen more days. I’m gonna party so hard.

And by party I mean run all the races and read all the books.

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