Birth of The GJBeat

Crazy things happen on trail.

A year or so ago. Maybe longer. Some of us were out on a trail. Somewhere. Because we’re always on a trail. Somewhere.

And we were chatting.

Like we usually do.

I’m not entirely sure how it started. Usually any real conversation GJB and I have starts when I mention having PMS or needing to poop or something. And he wants to change the subject.

And so he turns it towards philosophy and dreams and shit.

But the gist of this particular conversation was, GJB should do a podcast.

The conversation came up several more times. With more and more people.

We all agreed. This needed to happen.

Because we’re surrounded by pretty amazing people.

And we wanted to share that amazing with everyone.

But. I mean. Greatness can’t be rushed.

Y’all been hella patient. Those of you that have been part of this conversation for the last 50 years. We thank you for waiting.

So here it is.

GJB finally pulled out his iMac. And installed some software.

And set up a really high tech recording studio.

And scheduled the first guest.

Who brought along her own support guests.

Who brought along their own beer.

Around halfway in, we had a surprise visitor. Because I don’t know how to operate GJB’s faulty office door.

So I crawled onto the floor with her. To cuddle. And stop the tip tapping across the wood floor. Or maybe laminate. That’s probably laminate.


Give it a listen.

For my non-Virginia readers, you’ll hear from GJB, OT, Tiny Brazilian, and Dude With The Charming And Disarming Smile.

The focus guest doesn’t yet have a blog gang name. I haven’t adventured with her enough yet.

But she is an adorable badass.

Which may be her name.

We’ll see what y’all think.

Y’all just listen.

Joanna Kimmel!! #gosolo #dogs&ducks #freespirit The GJBeat

Joanna Kimmel is known by some but maybe by few.  We slowed her down just enough to have a conversation about herself and life.  She takes on some major adventures and travel doing so mostly solo.  Her backyard backs up to one of the best mountain trail systems in the area.  Joanna spends almost all her time on trail or in water when she's not dispatching for the electric company.  You probably won't see her at a group run but you'll love to hear all about her life and what she is passionate about.    An excellent conversation for sure!
  1. Joanna Kimmel!! #gosolo #dogs&ducks #freespirit
  2. Bryan Hale!! #wildlifeconservationist #bearhunter #gracious
  3. Liz Ackley!! #runningprofessor #soloadventurer #communityadvocate
  4. Project Forward!! #8000pairsofshoes #serviceaboveself #ittakesavillage
  5. Lee Sandstead! #Art #Alcoholism #CaminodeSantiago #Cycling

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