Sleepless on the Weekend

I was attacked in my own home last night. It wasn’t a real restful weekend. On call weekends usually aren’t. My on call shift officially started at 12:01am Saturday morning. The children waited exactly six minutes into my on call weekend to begin cutting themselves out of their gps monitors and set about exploring the … Continue reading Sleepless on the Weekend

Chaos 50k – The Race

Sometimes magic just...happens. In this instance. The magic happened on our favorite pub run course. Probably on one of the first Thursdays of the month that we run there officially. Or any of the other days that we run there unofficially. I’m not sure I was there when this idea was being birthed. I may … Continue reading Chaos 50k – The Race

My Struggles Are Your Struggles

I have this saying written in my office. Today. If I get a second to breath. I’m gonna erase it. I’m no longer accepting other people’s struggles. For the time being. I’ve only got my struggles. Just mine. How about you keep your struggles. I’ll hold onto mine. *sigh* Obviously I don’t actually mean that. … Continue reading My Struggles Are Your Struggles

Not Public Conversation Ready

So I’ve spent the last two weeks of the year proving to myself. As much as possible. That I am not a public ready human. Went to look at apartments yesterday. Was supposed to meet with Apartment Manager Dick. At one of the many schools that we’ve decided to turn into living spaces. I assume … Continue reading Not Public Conversation Ready

Another .1 Christmas

You know in movies? When some emergency situation happens? And someone inevitably loses their shit? And just turns a standard emergency into an absolute shit show? I get angry. Like, screaming “get your shit together moron!” at the tv kind of angry. I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is Grey’s Anatomy at the … Continue reading Another .1 Christmas