Puppies and Heavy Objects

I just got angry at someone. For pulling into the parking lot at work. At the same time as me. And this person didn’t even try to speak to me. It was just the threat of forced socialling. At 7:30am. That triggered my anger response. I continue to run through the standard 2020-2021 educator cycle … Continue reading Puppies and Heavy Objects

BRM Volunteer Restoration

Here's what I've realized about me. This week. When my back is at its absolute angriest, there are exactly two things that make it feel better. Rogue's elbows. And lifting heavy things. And when my soul is at its absolute tiredest, there are exactly three things that restore it. Running mountains. Working with kids. And … Continue reading BRM Volunteer Restoration

Bastardized Blue Ridge Virtual Marathon

I keep clearing my throat. I think there may still be a little piece of cheeseburger lodged in there. See, what happened was... People kept posting about the need for volunteers for Blue Ridge Marathon. And I kept worrying about how in hell I was gonna run Promiseland 50k++ the week after running Blue Ridge … Continue reading Bastardized Blue Ridge Virtual Marathon

Spring Break Trail Rules

I said the words Spring Break to Beautiful Beastie a week ago. And her brain started doing what it does. And it kicked it off with that Jennings Creek madness. On Saturday. And kept working from there. So, she decided to take Tiny Brazilian and I to her favorite place. In the entire world. Hanging … Continue reading Spring Break Trail Rules

Spring Break Kickoff

Just had a 13 minute conversation with one of my neighbors. Without being awkward even once. I mean...it was probably something like 13 minutes. Obviously I don’t know exactly how long the conversation was. I wasn’t...timing it...or anything... So I’m feeling pretty good about my start to Spring Break. I kicked it off with 20 … Continue reading Spring Break Kickoff

Terrapin Mountain 50k

I was so ready. I was so emotionally prepared for this one. I maybe wasn’t physically prepared. But I was fully mentally and emotionally prepared. For Terrapin 50k. I’d read through all the emails. And watched Zealand’s race briefing videos. I’d even reviewed the course. Not, like, reviewed the course. Not, like, a map or … Continue reading Terrapin Mountain 50k