Introvert Restoration

I just spent the 30 minute drive home. Screaming obscenities. Into the ether. It’s my mother’s fault. I was supposed to run the TWOT yesterday. Mostly because I like saying it. I’ve had a lot of those “I was supposed to run...” days lately. This pandemic. I went into it strong. I was averaging 60-70 … Continue reading Introvert Restoration

Chiro Update

Chiro Doc Sub (assuming she was communicating with a reasonable human with solid self-preservation instincts): “So any pain? Have you tried running yet?” Me (assuming she didn’t need to be bothered with complaints of pain): Nope. My hips are just a little sore. But I’ve been icing them. I was gonna ask if I could … Continue reading Chiro Update

ASL Out Loud

Ho-Ly-Fuck, y’all. This is the year I become an alcoholic. There’s just no way around it. It is the only possible solution. For survival. My people are the only reason I’m even kind of managing 2020 as it is. But they’re falling apart, too. So... Every morning at work now starts with Resistant Facebook Friend … Continue reading ASL Out Loud

Pants Pocket Privileges

“It’s ok. I don’t measure the same as the young girls either.” Ummm...? Apparently I just put all my business out there for y’all. Or at least some of y’all are eerily good at guessing my business. To an uncomfortably exact degree. So I’ll just explain. I went for my depo injection today. And as … Continue reading Pants Pocket Privileges

Late to the DeFo Special Party

I just fell. In the bathroom. I went to go pee. And as I sat down. I wasn't aimed quite right. At the toilet. Because I hadn't finished my coffee yet. So, I couldn't really process information. So, I ended up kind of wedged. In between the toilet and the sink. It's fine. Because it … Continue reading Late to the DeFo Special Party

The Pain Collective

I feel like maybe I misled y’all. When I posted this pic And captioned it with some whining about injuring my knee. So now y’all sending me caring hearts and sad faces and speedy recovery wishes and “awww baby girls.” And I appreciate all of it. The attention. Because me. But I mean. Y’all understand … Continue reading The Pain Collective

The DeFo Special

“Should we be worried about the wind?” There are probably a lot of things we should be worried about, BB. We do enough dumb shit. That running through the outer remnants of a hurricane seems like child’s play. Except also this route is definitely not child’s play. Basically, how this works, is Beautiful Beastie gets … Continue reading The DeFo Special