I Hate Water. I Love Water Sports.

So the mushrooms were definitely not chanterelles. As evidenced by the time I spent cuddling my toilet this afternoon. See, what had happened was, last year. At Iron Mountain. Or maybe it was Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock. Or maybe both. LeBBQ stopped in the middle of an ultra. Picked a bunch of wild mushrooms. … Continue reading I Hate Water. I Love Water Sports.

Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

They call me Trail Guide now. Ok. So maybe not everyone. Maybe one person. Only one person. Calls me Trail Guide. Called me Trail Guide. Once. But I have now successfully navigated Fall Risk through two hikes. In a row. Without losing us. Or breaking her. Two for two. This week we went to Apple … Continue reading Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

A Very KRob Christmas

Yesterday was K-Rob-D’s birthday. So we decided to celebrate. By taking her out to eat. At Red Lobster. Because... Wait. No. No, that wasn’t us. That’s what normal families do. We are not a normal family. We celebrate each other differently. And we plan a lot. And this celebration has been in planning for about … Continue reading A Very KRob Christmas

How I Get Injured Now

I’m supposed to be running my way from McAfee to Daleville right now. Because that’s how my people spend Sunday mornings. Twenty miles of mountain trails. But then Beautiful Beastie’s Birthday happened. And the people who spend Sunday mornings getting in twenty miles of mountain trails are the same people who celebrate forty-something birthday parties … Continue reading How I Get Injured Now

Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters

The Ritual Have you seen this movie? I have. Because the sisters thought it would be a good idea on our hiking trip to watch a scary movie. About people getting picked off. One by one. While hiking. And while I can’t ever get those two hours back, I did learn a little more about … Continue reading Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters