Brain Camp

I went to bed at 8pm last night. Friday night. And still managed to sleep through three alarms this morning. That were intended to get me coffee. Before an unreasonably early cross country meet. I spent an hour debating with myself. Yesterday morning. While playing Solitaire Cash. Because that’s how I self-medicate. When I can’t … Continue reading Brain Camp

Colds Are No Longer Common

I’m dying. “You’re not dying.” It feels like I’m dying. This is definitely what death feels like. “I doubt that death feels like that.” I finally understand what men have been experiencing for thousands of years. I called in sick to work. It was supposed to be a mental health day. Because even though we’ve … Continue reading Colds Are No Longer Common

Social Anxiety Coping Skill

Had my therapy appointment yesterday. With my therapist who I will refer to as “they.” Because I haven’t figured out their pronouns yet. And I refuse to ask. Because it’s my therapy. And I only want to talk about me during my therapy. And they haven’t asked my pronouns yet either. So I damn sure … Continue reading Social Anxiety Coping Skill

Puppies and Heavy Objects

I just got angry at someone. For pulling into the parking lot at work. At the same time as me. And this person didn’t even try to speak to me. It was just the threat of forced socialling. At 7:30am. That triggered my anger response. I continue to run through the standard 2020-2021 educator cycle … Continue reading Puppies and Heavy Objects

Apartment Thoughts

Day Four of apartment living. What, exactly, does one use to clean a gym floor. I kept thinking that my shoes were wet. Somehow. Because of the squeaking. But then I remembered that I live in a gymnasium. Which honestly feels pretty appropriate for a pandemic. But also, I’m getting my second vaccine today. So … Continue reading Apartment Thoughts