Puppies and Heavy Objects

I just got angry at someone. For pulling into the parking lot at work. At the same time as me. And this person didn’t even try to speak to me. It was just the threat of forced socialling. At 7:30am. That triggered my anger response. I continue to run through the standard 2020-2021 educator cycle … Continue reading Puppies and Heavy Objects

Apartment Thoughts

Day Four of apartment living. What, exactly, does one use to clean a gym floor. I kept thinking that my shoes were wet. Somehow. Because of the squeaking. But then I remembered that I live in a gymnasium. Which honestly feels pretty appropriate for a pandemic. But also, I’m getting my second vaccine today. So … Continue reading Apartment Thoughts

Sleepless on the Weekend

I was attacked in my own home last night. It wasn’t a real restful weekend. On call weekends usually aren’t. My on call shift officially started at 12:01am Saturday morning. The children waited exactly six minutes into my on call weekend to begin cutting themselves out of their gps monitors and set about exploring the … Continue reading Sleepless on the Weekend

My Struggles Are Your Struggles

I have this saying written in my office. Today. If I get a second to breath. I’m gonna erase it. I’m no longer accepting other people’s struggles. For the time being. I’ve only got my struggles. Just mine. How about you keep your struggles. I’ll hold onto mine. *sigh* Obviously I don’t actually mean that. … Continue reading My Struggles Are Your Struggles

Not Public Conversation Ready

So I’ve spent the last two weeks of the year proving to myself. As much as possible. That I am not a public ready human. Went to look at apartments yesterday. Was supposed to meet with Apartment Manager Dick. At one of the many schools that we’ve decided to turn into living spaces. I assume … Continue reading Not Public Conversation Ready

Results of Strength Training

“I can’t watch all of you. I’ve got Fall Risk and LL to keep an eye on. Good thing Sunshine isn’t here, or we’d have the trifecta.” Trifecta. Trifecta of what, J-Vicious? Trifecta of beauty? Trifecta of Awesomeness? Trifecta of pure athletic talent? We did another virtual group workout Monday night. Rogue and Fall Risk … Continue reading Results of Strength Training

Just Random Rambling

Because I’ve got some stories to tell. That are totally disconnected. But I’mma tell em anyway. Because my blog. So, there’s this little cup of teeny tiny beads on my desk. That Tina Fey put there last week. Because when you put them in water, they’re supposed to grow. And that’s supposed to be fun. … Continue reading Just Random Rambling

Diagnosis: Highly Intelligent

*sigh* And so, again. I prove why I should not be allowed out in the world. Without a handler. I was out walking Lobo the other morning. And two cars worth of Marylanders stopped me. To ask for directions. Me (way too excited to be helpful to strangers): I’m sorry for what I’m wearing. I … Continue reading Diagnosis: Highly Intelligent