ASL Out Loud

Ho-Ly-Fuck, y’all. This is the year I become an alcoholic. There’s just no way around it. It is the only possible solution. For survival. My people are the only reason I’m even kind of managing 2020 as it is. But they’re falling apart, too. So... Every morning at work now starts with Resistant Facebook Friend … Continue reading ASL Out Loud

Pants Pocket Privileges

“It’s ok. I don’t measure the same as the young girls either.” Ummm...? Apparently I just put all my business out there for y’all. Or at least some of y’all are eerily good at guessing my business. To an uncomfortably exact degree. So I’ll just explain. I went for my depo injection today. And as … Continue reading Pants Pocket Privileges

Major Life Choice Waivers

So, I’m not alone, right? Things have just gone to shit for everyone, right? I missed my own birthday party this weekend. I mean, I didn’t know it was my birthday party. When I missed it. But it was. And I did. I had reasons. Fully legit reasons. But mostly, everything has just spiraled out … Continue reading Major Life Choice Waivers

More Evidence I’m Losing My Mind

Do you know the name of the Pennsylvania town where the American version of “The Office” is set? If you’ve ever watched even one episode, you probably do. I’ve watched all of them. Hundreds of times. Which is what I said to John Krasinski in my dream. Repeatedly. For a solid hour. As I was … Continue reading More Evidence I’m Losing My Mind

Awkward Phone Calls and Rejection

So, the problem here is that school closed down 3 1/2 months ago. And even before it closed, I’d been complaining that the snack guy hadn’t brought me more Doritos yet. So that thing has been sitting in there. Aging rapidly. For at least half a year. But also, I’m out of work practice. So … Continue reading Awkward Phone Calls and Rejection