That Time I Accidentally Ran 22 Miles

“Oh, you’ve got this nice gymnasium floor.” And I do. It is cool. But dude works here. And I was probably the fifth gymnasium apartment he’d visited. The floor was not a new experience for him. The problem was. I forgot that maintenance was coming through to check the sprinklers. And I’m currently unemployed. So … Continue reading That Time I Accidentally Ran 22 Miles

They Say It’s Good Luck

Apparently if I don’t write about things. People don’t believe they actually happened. So, I got shit on by a bird. Tuesday. At yoga. I was there at rooftop yoga. Which is generally cool. Because you can see the mountains surrounding the bowl that is Roanoke. From up on top of Center in the Square. … Continue reading They Say It’s Good Luck

Leadville Heavy Half

Y'all heard of this? Leadville Heavy Half? Not quite the Leadville 100. But not just a standard half marathon either. 15.5 miles. At 10,500 feet. And climbing on up above 13,000 feet. In Leadville, Colorado. As I've already mentioned. There is no oxygen in Colorado. These people just surviving on weed and views. We at … Continue reading Leadville Heavy Half

Social Anxiety Coping Skill

Had my therapy appointment yesterday. With my therapist who I will refer to as “they.” Because I haven’t figured out their pronouns yet. And I refuse to ask. Because it’s my therapy. And I only want to talk about me during my therapy. And they haven’t asked my pronouns yet either. So I damn sure … Continue reading Social Anxiety Coping Skill

Leadville Training

“So you’ve just given J-Vicious all day to plan your workout.” *sigh* I know... Monday morning. I was lying in the comfort of Magical Roanoke Yoga’s basement. Allowing her to massage. And yoga my body. Into various states of stretching. And relaxation. I can’t even describe how amazing it is to have someone else stretching … Continue reading Leadville Training

Ironman 70.3 Blue Ridge Volunteering

“So, 73.2 is the water temperature right now?” Yes. “Do you think it will get warmer?” Well, it’s gonna be above 90 all weekend. And that lake is enclosed. It doesn’t get any traffic. So I suspect it could get up to 76. “How deep is it?” ... And see. I was doing so well … Continue reading Ironman 70.3 Blue Ridge Volunteering

A Little Late for the Cove

Look. We’ve done some shit. Rogue and I both have done some legit shit. In just the last few years that we’ve known each other. We’ve run Chicago Marathon. And America’s Toughest Road Marathon. Did that one twice. In the same race, matter of fact. Ragnars. Trail and Road. Spartans. We’ve Trifecta’d. That shit ain’t … Continue reading A Little Late for the Cove

That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

I accidentally ran 15 miles yesterday. In my defense, maps don’t really offer accurate mileage descriptions. See what happened was. Y’all responded. En masse. To my depression and anxiety post. And a lot of y’all are runners. And I’m not gonna lie. That had me a little shook. Like, running and exercise generates serotonin and … Continue reading That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

Promiseland 50k++ April, 2021

Went for a five mile walk down the greenway yesterday. Had to use Fall Risk and Rogue as handrails. When I stepped down off of sidewalks. Or embankments. Because my body was in full revolt. After spending the entirety of Saturday running. Up and down mountains. And just to add insult to actual injury. I … Continue reading Promiseland 50k++ April, 2021