A Little Day Creek Exploration

Me, delusionally thinking I make the decisions in my life: Tomorrow I’m gonna sleep in, relax with my coffee and books and enjoy a nice day in the air conditioning. It’s going to be lovely. “13 mile loop at our spot tomorrow. 8am.” Me, remembering that I hand my fitness regimen over to other people … Continue reading A Little Day Creek Exploration

Day Creek And Clementines

“My blister has finally made itself fully known. Ima pop it. How much am I gonna regret that decision?” We’re never quite sure of the mileage when Beautiful Beastie leads us into the woods. We just make sure we have water filters with us. Because chances are we’re gonna run out of water at some … Continue reading Day Creek And Clementines

Broad Run Makes No Apologies Loop

That’s what he named it. The Broad Run Makes No Apologies Loop. Saw that shit on my Strava. After I was done. “You live for this. You don’t ever do the pretty easy trails.” Because y’all won’t tell me where those are!!! Seriously. Even the easy Sunday morning recovery hike to watch the sunrise from … Continue reading Broad Run Makes No Apologies Loop

Devils Marbleyard Recon

Rogue and I had a plan. Which is to say, we decided we wanted to go see someplace. So we each headed in that general direction. From our individual homes. We needed to recon Devil’s Marbleyard for Fall Risk’s angry ankle. Because I’ve been bamboozled into being her sole guide and chaperone for the last … Continue reading Devils Marbleyard Recon

Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

They call me Trail Guide now. Ok. So maybe not everyone. Maybe one person. Only one person. Calls me Trail Guide. Called me Trail Guide. Once. But I have now successfully navigated Fall Risk through two hikes. In a row. Without losing us. Or breaking her. Two for two. This week we went to Apple … Continue reading Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk