Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Water parks in February. Wouldn’t have been my first choice. But I was in a dark place this weekend. For a few reasons. Mostly just one. One is really all it takes to send me into the darkness these days. I blame hormones. And assholes. So GJB put Christmas Mountain on the schedule. More as … Continue reading Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Carvins Cove to McAfee

I was supposed to be helping out judging Forensics yesterday. The dramatic readings and poetry kind. Not the dead bodies and blood spatter kind. But then Janky Left Pinky Toe said it was cancelled. Cancelled? But if my volunteer commitments are people are gonna make me run 50 miles in the ice and snow. … Continue reading Carvins Cove to McAfee

Project Mountain Discovery

I’ve been a little complain-y lately. Y’all may have noticed. (And if you didn’t, don’t tell me. I don’t like not being noticed.) Running is my outlet. Trails. Mountains. They're how I work out the stress. I've got some of that right now. Stress. But I haven’t been able to run much in recent weeks. … Continue reading Project Mountain Discovery

Sleepless on the Weekend

I was attacked in my own home last night. It wasn’t a real restful weekend. On call weekends usually aren’t. My on call shift officially started at 12:01am Saturday morning. The children waited exactly six minutes into my on call weekend to begin cutting themselves out of their gps monitors and set about exploring the … Continue reading Sleepless on the Weekend

Chaos 50k – The Race

Sometimes magic just...happens. In this instance. The magic happened on our favorite pub run course. Probably on one of the first Thursdays of the month that we run there officially. Or any of the other days that we run there unofficially. I’m not sure I was there when this idea was being birthed. I may … Continue reading Chaos 50k – The Race