I’ve Named Her Lagertha

So, homeownership. I'm calling her Lagertha. My home. That's her name. Lagertha. It's been an adjustment. This new relationship. Me and Lagertha. Lagertha has rules. Which she has posted. And it's not like...I mean, they're not unreasonable rules. But it's just the principle. You know? I pay the mortgage. I make the rules. So I … Continue reading I’ve Named Her Lagertha

We Weren’t Ready (for snow)

Almost died. Getting my hair done today. It snowed. Here in SW Virginia. We weren’t ready. Apparently. I spent the brunt of the snow at my old house. Now my kids’ house. While they were off producing an entire human. Arguably the cutest human ever produced. Maybe even cuter than me. Possibly. So I got … Continue reading We Weren’t Ready (for snow)

Just Another Day

Damn. Y’all wasn’t playin. About just walking into 2022 quietly. Sitting down. And not touching nothin. Usually I wake up to a flood of happy new year messages and texts and snaps and voicemails. And yes. I wake up to them. Y’all know I’m not staying up till midnight willingly. For any reason. Except to … Continue reading Just Another Day

Winter Break Rule

Rule number one of Winter Break: don’t get sick until school starts back. I don’t know how I broke rule number one. Or why. But I am sick. Like, deathly sick. Some of y’all flippantly calling it a “head cold.” But nah. This is… There is this massive pressure behind my eyes. Threatening to just … Continue reading Winter Break Rule

Still Not a Real Mountain Biker

I’ve been told you’re not a real mountain biker. Until you wreck. And despite my desperate need to be included. My every instinct. When mountain biking. Or lifing. Is to not wreck. So, I spent Sunday running Hay Rock. I didn’t want to. I didn’t not want to. I’ve spent all of break with this … Continue reading Still Not a Real Mountain Biker