Athletic Goddess

One of my co-workers called me an Athletic Goddess this week. I mean, she didn’t write a full blog post about it or anything. But she said it right on the social medias for the world to see. So this is how I spend my last week of summer vacation. I was gonna take the … Continue reading Athletic Goddess

There’s No Napping After Death Click

It's Saturday. The athletic day of rest. Actually, that's Friday. Saturday is actually athletic day of long run. But that didn't mean I was gonna sacrifice a second sleep in day to follow Tiny Brazilian and Endong up to McAfee Knob for sunrise. 4am start? 2:30am wake up? I'm not gonna say I didn't consider … Continue reading There’s No Napping After Death Click

Our National Running Day

When my people celebrate National Running Day, we like to get started early. And mix things up. Because running requires strength on top of cardio. And this our holiday. We were going to celebrate the hell out of it. I can't remember exactly how the idea came about. These days it usually starts with Skratch … Continue reading Our National Running Day

I’m Just Here For The Hot Tub

I can't fully extend my arms. I keep trying to. Like, I keep practicing straightening them and then holding them straight for as long as I can before I let them bend again. This isn't something that a healthy forty-something should have to practice. Straight arms should be a pretty basic move at my age. … Continue reading I’m Just Here For The Hot Tub