Girls on the Run has a campaign running right now called #Letstellher. The idea behind this campaign is to start telling girls about their power to change the world and their limitless potential. And for each public #Letstellher post on social media, SayItForward will donate $1 to Girls on the Run. I was really excited … Continue reading #Letstellher

Polar Plunge for Girls on the Run

You know, you have a lot of thoughts when you're following your friend into a freezing lake the first weekend of March for charity. These thoughts get particularly irrational when you have a fear of water and a violent aversion to cold. So, I had to set some ground rules from the start. Because Kim … Continue reading Polar Plunge for Girls on the Run

How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us?

We're calling this blog post, How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us? Read to the end. You'll see why. But let's start it out nice. Because that's how my evening started. Sometimes all you need to reclaim your hope and sanity is to spend a little time on a mountain with your "friends." Last night … Continue reading How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us?

Seeking Discomfort To Develop Strength

  Sitting in a coffee shop with two of the strongest women I know. It has been a long weekend already and I'm exhausted. Listening to them and thinking back on conversations I've had with others, I recognize how beautiful the exhaustion I'm feeling is. My exhaustion came from a weekend of awesome experiences. Seeing … Continue reading Seeking Discomfort To Develop Strength