Return to PFSF. Kind Of.

So, everything hurts. I haven’t been going to the gym. You may have noticed. My lack of whining and complaining. About J-Vicious. I still whine and complain. About the other stuff. All of the other stuff. And I’m completely incapable of motivating myself through my own made up strength training. I have to be told … Continue reading Return to PFSF. Kind Of.

A Taylor Swift Workout Session

“I’m surprised BB is letting you go to the gym so much this week instead of resting up for whatever big adventure she has planned.” I’m on call this weekend. Can’t adventure. I’ve got a note from my boss. So I worked out yesterday morning. At home. I was gonna run. But people die in … Continue reading A Taylor Swift Workout Session

The End of a Friendship

You know those mornings where you can’t get out of bed? Literally? Like, you have to do a couple of practice stands before you can actually force yourself up? And fully out of bed? My neck/shoulder rigor mortis is back. It went away after last night’s PlayFITStayFIT workout. Because J-Vicious worked the hell out of … Continue reading The End of a Friendship

Managing My Motivation

“The last exercise that we’ll do is Fall Risk’s favorite. And we’ll do 50 of those.” I know what Fall Risk’s favorite is. We all know what Fall Risk’s favorite is. We don’t know why they’re her favorite. But we know what they are. But Fall Risk wasn’t even “in” virtual class tonight. So I … Continue reading Managing My Motivation

Pandemic Brain

“Why haven’t you learned anything I’ve taught you about cheating in gym class?” Because I’m a pure soul incapable of deception? See. The problem was. Fall Risk loves manmakers. Are you familiar with this bullshit? So you take a set of dumbbells. And you burpee with them. Except instead of just a standard bullshit burpee. … Continue reading Pandemic Brain

Find Out Who My Friends Are

Remember how I said it was so good to “see” all of my gym people Monday evening? At the virtual class? Stole this pic from Fall Risk Yeah, screw that. This pandemic is really starting to turn people. And I’m learning now who my friends really are. It started off ok. I was almost late … Continue reading Find Out Who My Friends Are

Worst Neighbors Ever

I wore real dress pants yesterday. The kind with buttons. And aren’t even stretchy. And I managed to breath normally the whole day. Apparently, if I just force myself to workout every damn day, I can maintain a comfortable body weight. And still eat the random crap that people offer up to me. Mostly GBFF...WHTBS. … Continue reading Worst Neighbors Ever

J-Vicious Been Talking

Someone’s been talking smack about y’all. Not me. But someone. They been sayin y’all scared. They say y’all read what I write about what happens at PlayFITStayFIT. And y’all scared. Too scared to come to the gym. And experience what we experience. J-Vicious thinks it’s me. He thinks I’m the issue. Like, maybe I need … Continue reading J-Vicious Been Talking