Still Not a Real Mountain Biker

I’ve been told you’re not a real mountain biker. Until you wreck. And despite my desperate need to be included. My every instinct. When mountain biking. Or lifing. Is to not wreck. So, I spent Sunday running Hay Rock. I didn’t want to. I didn’t not want to. I’ve spent all of break with this … Continue reading Still Not a Real Mountain Biker

Another Failed DeFo Special

Sometimes the looks of disappointment Spanish speakers give me... So, the plan this morning was to run the full DeFo Special. 27 miles. 8,000 feet of climbing. I´ve always managed to find a way to short that mileage. Usually by running out of snacks. By mile ten. And no one is willing to run with … Continue reading Another Failed DeFo Special

Mountain Biking Introduction

Oh hey! So I brought- “Give me your keys.” And I tried for indignation. That was my gut response. But then images of that time I lost my key at North Mountain. And then that next time I lost my key. At North Mountain. And… No. That’s fair. So, I handed GBFF…WHTBS my car key. … Continue reading Mountain Biking Introduction

A Much Needed Return To Christmas Mountain

“When I was younger, my friends and I used to do an Invincible Week.” Well, that sounds like something I need to do. “We stopped after our last event when they had to send search and rescue for us.” Yes. This speaks to me. In all fairness, it’s speaking to me a little less this … Continue reading A Much Needed Return To Christmas Mountain

Utah National Park Tour: Zion

Final day of our five day five park tour. And it’s raining. Like constant rain. Just all damn day. Raining. And I don’t know about y’all. But driving into a canyon during an all day rainstorm feels…sketchy. Like, perhaps we shouldn’t be provoking the universe like that? But we’re nothing if not the sort of … Continue reading Utah National Park Tour: Zion

Utah National Park Tour: Bryce Canyon

Air bnb dude: “Have you ever seen the Milky Way?” My dumbass responding excitedly: Yes! Air bnb dude: *looking at me skeptically* Fall Risk: *staring at me confused* My dumbass justifying my response: At my old house. I could see all kinds of shit. And then I threw in something about light pollution to make … Continue reading Utah National Park Tour: Bryce Canyon

Utah National Park Tour: Capitol Reef

Day three of no breakfast. Or dinner. I clearly owe Fall Risk’s co-worker an apology. We headed out this morning. Fueled with the knowledge that we were heading towards Giffords House Pies. Under the belief that. If we didn’t get there before 11:30am. We’d miss out on the pies. That would sell out by then. … Continue reading Utah National Park Tour: Capitol Reef