A Taylor Swift Workout Session

“I’m surprised BB is letting you go to the gym so much this week instead of resting up for whatever big adventure she has planned.” I’m on call this weekend. Can’t adventure. I’ve got a note from my boss. So I worked out yesterday morning. At home. I was gonna run. But people die in … Continue reading A Taylor Swift Workout Session

The End of a Friendship

You know those mornings where you can’t get out of bed? Literally? Like, you have to do a couple of practice stands before you can actually force yourself up? And fully out of bed? My neck/shoulder rigor mortis is back. It went away after last night’s PlayFITStayFIT workout. Because J-Vicious worked the hell out of … Continue reading The End of a Friendship

Just One More Bad Idea

See? This is what happens. Someone comes up with some bullshit. And I kind of generally acknowledge. That they’ve said some bullshit. And next thing I know. I’m committed to doing a Murph followed by a Bullshit Burpee 10k. At the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop. And then told that it was my idea. It was not. Hell. … Continue reading Just One More Bad Idea

Managing My Motivation

“The last exercise that we’ll do is Fall Risk’s favorite. And we’ll do 50 of those.” I know what Fall Risk’s favorite is. We all know what Fall Risk’s favorite is. We don’t know why they’re her favorite. But we know what they are. But Fall Risk wasn’t even “in” virtual class tonight. So I … Continue reading Managing My Motivation

Pandemic Brain

“Why haven’t you learned anything I’ve taught you about cheating in gym class?” Because I’m a pure soul incapable of deception? See. The problem was. Fall Risk loves manmakers. Are you familiar with this bullshit? So you take a set of dumbbells. And you burpee with them. Except instead of just a standard bullshit burpee. … Continue reading Pandemic Brain