The DeFo Special

“Should we be worried about the wind?” There are probably a lot of things we should be worried about, BB. We do enough dumb shit. That running through the outer remnants of a hurricane seems like child’s play. Except also this route is definitely not child’s play. Basically, how this works, is Beautiful Beastie gets … Continue reading The DeFo Special

Cove Mountain Struggle

“Que haces hoy? Trabajando?” That’s what the Mexican restaurant dude asked me. As he handed me my food. After glancing down at my feet. Nope. Como se dice I’m just gross. “Ok. You go have a nice day.” I should note that this was the same restaurant where, a few years ago, I confused and … Continue reading Cove Mountain Struggle

40 Acre Beast Route

“Are you in Rocky Mount?” Yeah. “Come pick me up.” Ok. Lemme see if I can find your house from here. -stop and reroute GPS- “I’m not at home. I’m at Sheetz.” -stop again and reroute GPS again- Ok. “The one in town. Not 220.” Fuck’s sake. Ok. -stop. again. and reroute GPS. again- Now. … Continue reading 40 Acre Beast Route

This Is Not My Birth Month Run

“Are your pants wet?” Yes, TB. Yes they are wet. That’s sweat. That’s what normal humans do when they’re forced to run in a sauna. Because I don’t know if y’all have been outside today. But the humidity level is hovering somewhere close to 100%. That’s basically swimming. There is no oxygen in 100% humid … Continue reading This Is Not My Birth Month Run

A Little Late For The Barkley

“Are y’all ok?” No. The earth is on fire and we have the meanest friends ever. “I’m just sitting here and I’m hot. Y’all must be dying.” Iced coffee. Give me iced coffee. Please. So, a few weeks back, Rogue mentioned visiting Frozen Head State Park to run some of the Barkley Marathons trails. And … Continue reading A Little Late For The Barkley