Carvins Cove to McAfee

I was supposed to be helping out judging Forensics yesterday. The dramatic readings and poetry kind. Not the dead bodies and blood spatter kind. But then Janky Left Pinky Toe said it was cancelled. Cancelled? But if my volunteer commitments are people are gonna make me run 50 miles in the ice and snow. … Continue reading Carvins Cove to McAfee

Another .1 Christmas

You know in movies? When some emergency situation happens? And someone inevitably loses their shit? And just turns a standard emergency into an absolute shit show? I get angry. Like, screaming “get your shit together moron!” at the tv kind of angry. I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is Grey’s Anatomy at the … Continue reading Another .1 Christmas

Patterson Mountain Mileage Vortex

First day of break. So obviously my alarm was set for 4:30am. We had a 20 mile run on tap. At a spot I’ve never been before. I don’t think. It’s actually hard to tell. Anyway. 20 miles. At a new spot. So that A League and Dude With The Charming And Disarming Smile could … Continue reading Patterson Mountain Mileage Vortex

Safe Space Snow Days

I was supposed to get to run in the snow Wednesday morning. Beautiful Beastie even mentioned some mountains we could climb. If I got a snow day. Because running in the snow. The first snow. Not that bullshit won’t winter ever just move the fuck on and let spring happen in March snow. But running … Continue reading Safe Space Snow Days

Lightening Up

In a moment of openness. And vulnerability. I confided in Tommy. That I had again put on another 5 lbs. And am again at my new highest weight ever. And he responded. This friend. That I'd shared this vulnerable moment with. By saying, "Sounds like you're just solidifying." Solidifying? The fuck does solidifying mean? Is … Continue reading Lightening Up

Late to the DeFo Special Party

I just fell. In the bathroom. I went to go pee. And as I sat down. I wasn't aimed quite right. At the toilet. Because I hadn't finished my coffee yet. So, I couldn't really process information. So, I ended up kind of wedged. In between the toilet and the sink. It's fine. Because it … Continue reading Late to the DeFo Special Party